The Annular Solar Eclipse 2021

Annular Solar Eclipse 2021
Annular Solar Eclipse - Whirled Trade Center

As you know I was looking forward to the 2021 Annular Solar Eclipse. However, I could tell early on during the day of the eclipse that this wasn't going to be a good eclipse at least in London, UK. What started as sunny spells quickly turned into a thick cloud bank obscuring even any sign of the Sun.

Although being Stargazing Today we always want to be able to show you the best celestial events. So realising that the weather wasn't going to be like this everywhere a image submission form was quickly knocked together this was then shared on Reddit. To allow people from around the world to submit their shots of the solar eclipse.

Of course, it also soon became apparent that this feature would be great for other events and general submissions in the future, so the Image Submission feature has now become a permeant part of Stargazing Today. We are also considering holding a competition of the best images submitted to us over the year.

In the end, it was fortunate we added this feature as we have had some great submissions. My favourite is from a reader known as Whirled Trade Center, who took a great image from Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States with a Nikon Coolpix P900. This zoomed-in image shows the solar eclipse with the New York skyline and Freedom Tower in the foreground.